About Mediterranean Food Marlborough

Thank you for looking at our website. We are Robin and Sue Beattie and we own and operate our Picton based business MEDITERRANEAN FOOD MARLBOROUGH.  We moved to the lovely little seaside town of Picton, with our two children, Rob's Dad Paul, two cats and a dog in 1991. We moved up from Port Lyttleton in Canterbury. During our first three years in Picton, we leased a motel complex.

In 1994, we purchased the Picton milk round, working with the then Marlborough Milk Company. Rob used to work all hours delivering milk to houses, shops, supermarkets and restaurants in the Picton and Marlborough area.  With the many changes in the milk industry in NZ in those early years, we knew that we needed to diversify, otherwise we would not survive owing our own business.   

In 1995, having attended a most informitave Milk Vendors Conference in Christchurch, we both came home motivated and determined to expand our business similar to Provedore Companies in NZ Ports.  Provedore is a French word meaning "provide", so we wanted to be food providers. Rob, not to let an opportunity go by and with a challenge in front of him, went to Outward Bound on the next Monday, doing his usual delivery.  While he was there, he asked the then chef if he had considered buying all of his stores from one supplier.  The rest is history.  I do not know how I managed to produce all the products Rob would come back from his round requiring, but somehow I did.  There were many awesome suppliers who believed and supported us which was great as we really did not know what we were doing.  Twenty odd years later we are still buying from those suppliers.  We have a warehouse, four trucks, chillers, freezers and endless shelves which hold the many products we stock and supply to customers Marlborough wide.  We are very proud to still be supplying Outward Bound today;  we are sole supplier of victuals to Strait Shipping and suppliers to Interislander, restaurants, cafe's, hotels, motels, backpackers; .... any business that requires a supply of fresh, frozen or dry food.  We also hold stock of packaging and essentials like vinyl gloves and toilet paper.  We offer our services to the Log ships that come into Picton, and latterly cruise ships and super yachts.  

Our original business name was R.J. Beattie - Vendor, which was changed to Picton Provedoring Limited in 1997. On 1 April this year, we have changed our name again to Mediterranean Food Marlborough.  This came about as we were given the opportunity to take on the Mediterranean Food name, knowing that our business model would fit with that of the established Mediterranean Food Warehouse business.  The Wellington based Principal's are known NZ wide for the wonderful products they import from Italy and other countries around the world.  Joining their product base with ours made a most successful mix. 

Owning a small business can be a challenge.  One of the most important lessons we have learnt over the years is that if you have good people supporting you, this can make your working life a pleasure and a lot of fun.  Although we are the owners of the business, we are also members of an awesome team.  Marilyn Thomas has been with us for so many years, we are not sure just how long.  Marilyn is our account manager who, with me, has created the office systems that have developed over the years.  Marilyn and myself have Elizabeth Hawthorne joining us in the office in the afternoons.  Sam Strack spends most of his day in the warehouse receiving and organising the delivery of goods. He is supported by Corey Bovey and Barry Dorest who our delivery drivers.  Driving sales is Stuart Trustrum who works hard keeping customers in the loop of what is happening in the industry and ensuring their needs are met.

It seems like I have not mentioned Rob in all of this, but be assured he is the Captain of the Ship, steering us in the right direction, keeping his cargo coming and going and his crew on the ball!!!

Although our core business is to trade customers, we welcome all retail customers to use this website so that we become a regular supplier to your household.  We welcome you to visit our Queen Charlotte Drive warehouse, come and have a look at all the wonderful products we have, particularly the bulk products.  You will be surprised as to what delights we have on our shelves and in our chillers and freezers.  We all look forward to making your shopping with us a great experience.